December Update

Blog Update
This latest update from Calvine has highlighted a need for four students who have successful in gaining entrance into high school. We celebrate with these students, for this is a great achievement! Please read Calvine’s communication below, which gives details of their success.

At present these students are unable to attend high school without financial assistance. If anyone feels they would like to support one of these students, please email us at

Latest communication from Calvine
We really thank God for the gift of life and service. We all are doing well here. Thanks for supporting Ark Quest throughout the year. We are grateful to God for everything.

Our Year Eight national exams results are now out and our candidates have really made us proud. What a great blessing to the school! Out of the 17 candidates, 14 scored above 350 out of 500 marks. Ark Quest is one of the top three schools out of the 400 in the county.
Whitney Iramwenya, the late Christopher Mmata’s niece, was the best female student scoring a total of 405 marks. She has now been called to a top performing national school (Lugulu Girls’ High School). Whitney is very grateful for the chance given to her to study at Ark Quest and for the support while she was there. She admits that this has gone a long way in making this dream of academic excellence a reality. She has always had a dream of becoming a medical doctor someday and she surely is working towards it.
Nipha Mmboga used to walk 4km to Ark Quest daily. She scored 375 marks. She has also been on full scholarship all the way from nursery school. Many of the teams that have visited the village have visited Nipha’s parent’s home.
Hudson, Nipha’s brother, scored 373 marks in his exam. Both he and Nipha have been called to top county schools.
Victor Adamba, who has also been on full scholarship at Ark Quest, scored 350 marks and has been called to Lugari High School, in a neighbouring county. Victor lives with his widowed mother
We at Ark Quest are grateful for your continued support, be it spiritually, financially, socially or in ways only God sees. The above report would not be possible without God’s plan that things go that way, without your willingness to help, and of course the teachers, other workers and the student body. Your help can be likened to water that can make a rose blossom.
It has been a long journey and we are happy to have travelled together this far. We hope the journey will continue even as these students look forward to joining high school in the first week of January 2018, which is less than a month away.
Thank you so much for everything. God bless you always.

Success for Calvine
Calvine has recently been appointed as the head of his department at the Jomo Kenyata University, beginning in 2018. This is a huge honour for Calvine who has also served for 4 years as an examination officer. Now, with this appointment as the head of his department, he will be leading a staff of senior professionals. He is humbled to have this opportunity in university management at such a young age.


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