By Lisa Higgins

May Update

Thanks to all who responded to the needs that were shared in our last blog. Since then, thanks to your generosity and the extra support from International Needs, Calvine has been able to meet a number of the ongoing needs of the school. He shares his gratitude below:“Thank you so …

Changes at Ark Quest Trust

Many of you will be aware that Philip Russell, our founding chairman, recently passed away after a lengthy battle with …

By Lisa Higgins

November Update

Since our last update there has been quite a lot of activity at Ark Quest Education Centre. Teachers continue to …

By Lisa Higgins

August Update

Pastor Fred: Calvine and the family have recently been through a difficult time with the death of his father. Pastor …

By Lisa Higgins

Latest News for 2021

Thanks to donations from International Needs, 15 families were given chickens soon after Christmas. This will provide a small amount …

By Lisa Higgins

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all our Ark Quest supporters near and far. We are greatly blessed to live in New …

By Lisa Higgins

Random Picks

January Update – Good News!

Update The school term resumed for 2018 on the 2nd of January. The children were quite excited to…

By Lisa Higgins

Update July 2017

A message from Calvine to us all. How are you doing friends? Trusting you are all well. I really a…

By Lisa Higgins

August Update: It’s all go at Ark Quest!

Sam and Hannah Johnston (Bethlehem College past students), recently visited Ark Quest Education Ce…

By Lisa Higgins

Progress at Ark Quest

Agricultural Club: This month, students who are in the agricultural club, under the supervision of…

By Lisa Higgins

April Update: Urgent

We would like to introduce Christine to you.  She is a Year 7 student at Ark Quest Education Centr…

By Lisa Higgins

October Update: Our Recent Ark Quest Ad…

Recently a team of eight visited Ark Quest Education Centre and participated in the beginning stag…

By Lisa Higgins

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Child Sponsorship Opportunities

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Sporting Success: Ark Quest students have recently competed against neighbouring …

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