By Lisa Higgins

Ark Quest News: April '24

Musical InstrumentsThanks to recent fundraising through the Kids Concert and the World of Joy International Needs booklet, Ark Quest Education Centre was able to purchase musical instruments allowing them to fully implement the music curriculum. This has brought great joy to the teachers and students (see picture).Vegetable Garden Project SuccessIt …

End of Year Update

Students’ Success – Past and PresentAfter a rough year, we are delighted to let you know that all of the …

By Lisa Higgins

Ark Quest Walk: A Final Reminder

We would love for you to join us at our annual fundraising walk which is coming up on Saturday 18th …

By Lisa Higgins

Heartwarming News from Sarah's Visit to Ark Quest

Some of you may have seen the recent Facebook post showing Sarah Jackson’s photos of her recent visit to Ark …

By Lisa Higgins

A Difficult Season for Ark Quest

Our most recent news from Ark Quest Education Centre is that things are quite desperate. Prices of food have more …

By Lisa Higgins

2023 in Kenya

Ark Quest Education Centre - Great ResultsOnce again we are pleased to report that Ark Quest Education Centre Year 8 …

By Lisa Higgins

Random Picks

March Update: Covid 19 in Kenya

We understand that Covid 19 is a big concern for all of us at the moment, and this is also the cas…

By Lisa Higgins

Ark Quest Visitors

NOVEMBER UPDATE Emma, a former Bethlehem College student, is currently visiting Ark Quest Educati…

By Lisa Higgins

November Update: The Walls Go Up!

Building Progress: We have been extremely impressed with the speed at which the building has prog…

By Lisa Higgins

Update May 2017

Ark Quest visit by staff and students from Milimani Academy. UPDATE Calvine reports that students …

By Lisa Higgins

November Update

Calvine tells us that all is well at Ark Quest, and he thanks all those who support Ark Quest and …

By Lisa Higgins

Changes at Ark Quest Trust

Many of you will be aware that Philip Russell, our founding chairman, recently passed away after a …

By Lisa Higgins

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