May Update: Schools Still Waiting to Open…

The Kenyan government still has the restrictions on movement in place. The closest recorded case remains about 70km away from the village. Most of the families here live from hand to mouth, and are struggling to raise basic food for their families. Our current focus remains paying our teachers’ salaries, and providing food and soap for extremely needy children. We were also able to pay for the school van comprehensive insurance this month. Thank you so much for the great support.

The government has established a committee that will advise the Ministry of Education on the reopening of schools, which we trust will occur soon. Schools have been closed since the 15th March. This has a huge impact on all students but particularly those in rural areas such as Mahanga Village. The committee will also review and reorganise the school calendar as part of the Covid-19 post-recovery strategy.

Calvine has been extremely grateful that he has been able to continue to pay staff salaries throughout this challenging time, and asks that we pass on his thanks to all of you who support Ark Quest Education Centre.


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