Ark Quest News: April '24

Musical Instruments

Thanks to recent fundraising through the Kids Concert and the World of Joy International Needs booklet, Ark Quest Education Centre was able to purchase musical instruments allowing them to fully implement the music curriculum. This has brought great joy to the teachers and students (see picture).

Vegetable Garden Project Success

It has been a delight to learn of the success of the gardening project. Calvine reports, 'Through regular irrigation on the school farm, we have been able to constantly supply vegetables to the school and the surrounding community.' With a reliable water supply on the property, this project has flourished despite recent droughts!

Textbook Shortages

We have great admiration for the teachers who continue to enable their senior students to achieve excellent results despite the difficulties of textbook shortages. Currently, groups of students are sharing one textbook in class (in each subject). We believe this is an opportunity where a little money can make a big difference. If you would like to purchase a textbook (or more) please donate through International Needs or our Ark Quest Account (ref: AQ textbooks).

* Each textbook costs $20NZ approx.

Please join us by praying for:

- Continued provision of food despite rising prices

- Health for students and staff

- Preparation for exams later in the year

- Continued success (and protection from disease) for the dairy and horticulture projects

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