A Difficult Season for Ark Quest

Our most recent news from Ark Quest Education Centre is that things are quite desperate. Prices of food have more than tripled, so the school is no longer able to provide full meals for the students or staff. They can no longer afford to provide breakfast and are only able to supply ½ portions of porridge and beans for the other 2 meals. The rising cost of living has impacted both the students’ families and the teaching staff who are no longer able to provide adequate food for their households. None of the families are currently able to pay school fees. 

The original school buildings are rapidly deteriorating because of termite infestation. Calvine has been trying to manage repairs to keep these buildings habitable, because there is currently nowhere for the students to go. To accommodate all these classes, at least another 6 classrooms are needed urgently. Completion of the current new school build (first 6 classrooms) has slowed due to the cost for materials having increased dramatically. 

In spite of the hardships, the staff are extremely loyal and hardworking, and students continue to gain good grades. The roll at Ark Quest has had to be reduced (currently 95 students) because of the ongoing financial pressure. 

It is with heavy hearts that we share this information, and we ask that you join us in praying for Calvine, his family, and the situation at Ark Quest Education Centre. 

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