August Update: It’s all go at Ark Quest!

Sam and Hannah Johnston (Bethlehem College past students), recently visited Ark Quest Education Centre and have sent this report.


There have been big changes since our visit last year. The expansion of the cow shed, thanks to Chris and Emily, has allowed the herd toincrease. The subsequent increase in milk production helps to provide income for the school. Eucalyptus trees, and Napier grass for the dairy cows, have also grown significantly. In the future, the trees will be used for timber. The chicken farm is still going strong. It’s exciting to see all these projects being well established for the purpose of providing for the children at Ark Quest School.


It was encouraging to see Class 3 working on a new project. They were using the resources they could find – old flour sacks, tree branches, paint tin lids – to build wheelbarrows and make aprons and brushes. Once they had made their outfits and tools, they then went into the main part of the village and started cleaning up all the rubbish as a way to serve the community. I was blown away seeing Ark Quest students serving and setting an example in their village.


In October, Class 8 will sit major exams to determine which high school they will get into. They are committed to doing their best for them. I was also humbled to see the dedication of the teachers, who do all they can to ensure their students are well prepared. Education will transform the lives of the students, their families and the community.

The next major project is the building of new classrooms. This will begin with a team in September who will build the first three classrooms. It’s all go at Ark Quest!


There will be no September Blog update as the team will be in Kenya. Watch this space in October for a report on our building venture.


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