June Update: Sporting Success at Ark Quest!

Sporting Success: Ark Quest students have recently competed against neighbouring schools in a sports tournament. This was an exciting event for the students who participated enthusiastically in sports such as:, football, volleyball and handball. For the first time in the history of the school, they managed to produce the top scorer in soccer. Damlean Shawn Lumasai, was a star player throughout the competition. Ark Quest  has been selected along with a few other schools to contribute to a zonal team to participate in the sub-county competitions.

One of the aims of Ark Quest, is to improve their games department. The students are thrilled to be able to participate in a growing range of sports activities.

Visit from UK Supporter of Ark Quest: Sarah Jackson, will be in NZ from 4-7 August, and we are excited to be able to meet up with her. Sarah is a school teacher in the UK, who has visited Ark Quest several times, and has generated a great deal of support for the school. Sarah is hoping to establish a Trust in the UK and has growing support amongst colleagues and friends.

Congratulations to Laura: We wish to congratulate Laura (Calvine’s wife), who has recently gained her Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering!! What a great accomplishment.



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