May Update: Exciting plans

Upcoming Trips

We are excited to tell you that there is another trip to Kenya coming up! Emily and Chris Johnston have already booked to go to Kenya to continue the work that their parents, Brian and Grace, were so passionate about. They travel in November and have plans to extend the cow shed to allow for the expansion of this herd. The Ark Quest herd has grown from the original 3 cows, to 8 adult cows and 8 calves. In Kenya, cows are kept inside to protect them from diseases which are rampant in the area. For this project, they are seeking donations to go towards the building costs. The cows are critical to the sustainability of the school, since the milk is sold to support the school.

Next year, Emma and Brad Hodgson are also planning to take a team from O2 Church. The team will visit Ark Quest School for three weeks, to explore possibilities for future involvement of the church.

Generous Donation

The Official Liverpool Supporters Club of NZ have given a generous donation, which will assist another student to go to high school. We are blessed by their willingness to support Ark Quest in this way.

Ark Quest Teacher

An ongoing challenge for Ark Quest is retaining good teachers as they are unable to match the government salaries. Patrick Akaranga, who is the current head teacher, shares this story as he moves to a new appointment.

I am from an extremely poor background and was orphaned at a young age. I had no way to afford secondary school education until a well-wisher came my way to support me at Mukingi secondary school for four years. Due to lack of fees, I was forced to stay at home for two more years until I was able to join Eregi Teachers’ Training College.

After college, in 2012, I applied for a teaching post at Ark Quest Education Centre and I have been there ever since. The Christian approach at Ark Quest always made me feel so at home. The school board of management has kept mentoring and advising me on many issues. They not only took me as a teacher, but as their son as well, something I will forever be grateful for.

I started serving as a primary school teacher for two years. I was then promoted to become the senior teacher for another two years. After that, I was appointed to serve as the school head teacher, a position I was not expecting, given the short time I had served at Ark Quest. Friends, this has been a great journey for me. Initially there were challenges, since teachers’ salaries were not always able to be paid. On behalf of the school, we are so grateful, because we now receive our salaries every month and on time. What a great service you are doing. You have really blessed our lives and above all God’s own work here.

I will forever cherish my time at Ark Quest. This has been home for me for the past six years. I will truly miss this humble little school at the village that has really transformed the lives of many here. The children here are able to access better education at Ark Quest, with the opportunity to join top high schools and proceed to the university. Cumulatively, this is a tool that has and still is transforming the community here.


We are sorry that Patrick is moving on, and wish him well in his new position.


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