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February Update

God is Good

This month we celebrate God’s goodness! Calvine has always said that Ark Quest Education Centre was God’s idea, and God is continuing to provide.

Last month Calvine reported the need for major repairs to the van. The school van was first funded by donations from Bethlehem College. It has been in constant use and has become an essential part of the running of the school. It has been used for transporting students to and from school to save them walking long distances, for transporting feed for chickens and cows, for distributing eggs to various local stores, and transporting visiting missions teams to name just a few. Thanks to a generous donor, we were able to fund the necessary full replacement of the engine. The van has also had a brand new coat of yellow paint to comply with the new Ministry of Education regulations.

Thank you

Your monthly donations continue to ensure that the teachers at Ark Quest School are paid regularly. This is particularly important, since the local state schools often try to poach the exceptionally dedicated Ark Quest staff who may have no choice but to move to a state funded school if Ark Quest cannot pay their salaries. Many of the families at Ark Quest just cannot afford the fees.

We hope to report on students who have started high school this year, so that you are able to hear about their progress.