End of Year Update

Students’ Success – Past and Present

After a rough year, we are delighted to let you know that all of the Year 8 students at Ark Quest Education Centre have passed their KCPE end-of-year exams. This will mean that every student has the chance to attend secondary school next year if we can find sponsors for them*. This is a fantastic result achieved through lots of hard work by both students and teachers!

This year we have several ex-Ark Quest students graduating from Secondary School (Bryson, Henry, Frances, Shein and Gibson) who are all planning to go on to university. It is also very pleasing to note that past graduates from Ark Quest, now at university, are returning to the school during their holiday break, to encourage, teach and share with students.

Ark Quest Walk in Memory of Phil Russell

A big thanks to everyone who joined us or sponsored participants on our fundraising walk. Despite the inclement weather, it was a very successful event with valued support from the local community. A total of $2587 was raised for Ark Quest Education Centre which will provide much-needed food and resources for the students.


BC Mufti Day

Special thanks to Bethlehem College for their Mufti Day fundraising for Ark Quest. A total of $1217 was raised for which we are incredibly grateful! After what has been a difficult year, the funds that have been raised provide a great deal of encouragement for the staff and students at Ark Quest.


We want to wish all our Ark Quest Trust supporters a very happy Christmas. May God bless you for your faithful support!

* Year 8 students cannot attend secondary school unless we find sponsors. The sponsorship cost per student is $400 per quarter or $1600 pa - since secondary schools in Kenya provide full board. Should you be willing to provide a Year 8 Ark Quest graduate with the opportunity to attend secondary school, please let us know!


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