August Update: Partnering with International Needs

As mentioned in our previous blog, we are delighted to share the news of our new partnership with International Needs New Zealand (INNZ).

Who are International Needs?

International Needs is a not-for-profit non-denominational, worldwide partnership of Christian organisations supporting each other to see transformed lives, families and communities in developing countries.

What does this partnership mean?

We can see that Ark Quest Education Centre will benefit from this partnership as it will lead to greater exposure to possibilities for further sponsorship of students and raising money for projects. This opportunity creates choices for current sponsors of children who will be offered the option of sponsoring through INNZ and thus qualifying for a tax rebate at the end of the year. General donors may also prefer to give through INNZ to receive these benefits.

What you also need to know:

100% of the donations given through Ark Quest Trust will continue to go directly to Ark Quest Education Centre. While International Needs deducts an administration fee of 20%, we feel the benefits of a wider donor base and the ability to receive a tax rebate will make this a valuable partnership.

If you are currently giving through Ark Quest Trust and would prefer to give through INNZ, please contact us at You can find out more information about INNZ by visiting


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