April Update: First University Student for Ark Quest School

Calvine has sent a report on a former Ark Quest student, Albert Karanja:

Albert started at Ark Quest School in 2009 walking about 4km to school each day. When his father died, his family were left struggling to pay school fees. In spite of the hardships, Albert worked extremely hard showing a special aptitude for Science and Maths. As a top student, he gained 396 marks out of the required 500 marks in his final exams. This was an exemplary performance that secured him a position at Chavakali High School, a prestigious national school in our region, in January, 2014. However, raising his school fees for the national school was to be yet another great challenge. Albert was grateful for the sponsorship from a supporter in New Zealand that enabled him to pursue secondary education.

We pick up what Albert had to say here:

Ark Quest has been an institution that embraces academic excellence. The school, as it’s school motto says, ‘Lets you shine’. My life at Chavakali High School was easy to adapt to. Opportunities at Ark Quest nurtured and shaped so much in me, and played a major role in shaping my life. I want to thank my school for giving me this chance to build a strong foundation in my life. I promise to work to my best and make everyone proud of me. My dream is to become a surgeon one day. I will work very hard to make this dream come true. I want to thank Ark Quest Education Centre for the good start they gave me.

We are proud to report that, Albert, who was in the first cohort, began university this year! He has begun a Bachelor of Education Science Degree at the University of Eldoret.

What a wonderful example of a life transformed through your great prayers and generous support of Ark Quest. It may seem a slow path to transform a community, but it’s the best path to follow. I can imagine the joy in Albert’s family; they can now see a new ray of hope especially for the other siblings and the community at large. It is Ark Quest’s vision that successful graduates will go on to support other Ark Quest students in the future. If Albert can support another two needy students in future, then the transformation will definitely go a long way.

Prayer Needs:

  • Please pray for Calvine and his wife, as the university has been on strike for some time, which has a significant impact on their income and their ability to meet the needs of Ark Quest School.
  • Continue to pray for Calvine’s father Fred, who is receiving treatment. We are thankful that he has shown signs of improvement recently.


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