Ark Quest Blog Begins!

We are delighted to start our blog and to share updated information about the progress and activities of Ark Quest Education Centre!


  • Please Pray: Year 8 students are currently sitting their Kenyan Certificate of Primary Education exams. Calvine has asked us to pray for success for these students. The results of these exams will determine whether they will be eligible for secondary school or will have to leave school and enter the workforce. In past years, Ark Quest Students have done exceptionally well in these exams and have won coveted places in national secondary schools.
  • Dairy: The dairy project is well underway. New calves have been born and will be providing manure for the horticultural projects. Increased milk production provides extra income for the school.


  • Mufti Day: Bethlehem College recently held a mufti day for the students. $1400 was raised and will be sent directly to the school in the next few weeks.
  • Increased Support: We are delighted that since Calvine’s visit we have increased support for the school. Thank you to those who are now regular donors. The Ark Quest Staff are truly grateful that they are now receiving a regular income. However we have yet to meet our target of covering the full cost of teachers’ salaries. Please continue to pray for an increase in this area.


We don’t have contact details for many of our donors. If you would like us to send you a receipt for your donation, please email us at:


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