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Chris and Emily at Ark Quest

A note from Chris and Emily…

Chris and I have been blown away by the project of Ark Quest. Chris and I can see the short term and long term impact that Ark Quest is having and will have on this village and the surrounding communities. We are so excited to journey with this project and believe that every bit of support whether spiritually or financially is truly changing people’s lives. Something that we have now grasped by being here is the amount of work that is going on in order for this project to be self-sustainable. Not only is the cow project generating income, but the chicken project, which Mum and Dad started is also providing eggs for the children and income. The farming of vegetables, cow feed and trees for timber is also providing ways of support for the school and the continued goal of self-sufficiency. With all of these things going on there is a lot of work which allows opportunities for Ark Quest to be able to provide jobs for people who would not have been able to find work in this village due to the lack of work availability.

Although there are many challenges here, we have seen that Calvine is able to stand firm in God’s word and he continuously impresses us with the way he trusts and gives glory to God. He is so passionate about children and is committed to tending to their needs now and in the long term even though it means massive sacrifices for him.

It has been a very special time for us to be able to connect with the people who meant so much to Mum and Dad. We have heard many wonderful and funny stories about Mum and Dad and  the legacy they have left behind is evident. Chris and I are so thankful for this opportunity to be able to spend time with these incredible, faithful people and we continue to learn and grow in faith and understanding.

Our main project while being here has been the extension of the cow shed. Seeing it for ourselves has helped with ourunderstanding of the huge impact this will have. We are so thankful for the support financially for this project and we can say confidently that every single dollar has helped and will continue to change lives.

We have been blessed to be able to play, talk and spend time with the fun, respectful and loving children at Ark Quest. We are excited to see this school continue to grow and transform lives. These transformations have only been possible with the support Ark Quest has received. Many of the children who attend Ark Quest come from extreme poverty. It is encouraging to see how important school and education is to them. Every bit of support is used to transform these children’s lives and the future of this community.

Chris and Emily Johnston