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March Update

Student Sponsorship Update: Victor.

We are thrilled to hear that, not only have Whitney and Nipha been able to take up positions in high schools, but Victor Atambo is also now at high school. Victor’s father was murdered some time ago in Nairobi. The family were totally dependent on his income, so they have struggled financially as a result. The fact that Victor is able to go to high school is beyond their wildest dreams and gives their whole family hope for the future.

Ark Quest

Calvine tells us that the village school is in full swing for the year. He expresses his gratitude for the regular support which allows the teachers’ salaries to be paid. Both teachers and students fully understand that their future is dependent on their school results. For 2018, the school has 15 students in Year 8 who are currently attending their final year at primary. They will be sitting the KPCE (Kenyan Primary Certificate of Education) at the end of the year. This is the most significant exam for their future educational possibilities.

The Dairy Project

After a long dry period, the rains are back, which has enabled food to be planted for both the school children, and the dairy herd. The dairy project continues to do well. Calvine’s vision is to produce the best business model for training those in the community and providing finances for the school. We are excited about how rapidly the herd has multiplied. This is due to the careful planning and excellent health of the herd. There will soon be a need to extend the cow shed yet again.