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Team of 5 Visit Ark Quest from NZ!

Another Team Visits Ark Quest!

Sarah Knapp, Caleb Hood, Michael Bell, Jared Miller, Rachel Wallis all visited Ark Quest from 28 December – 18 January 2017. Unfortunately due to technical issues we have been unable to upload many photos here, but they will be uploaded soon!

This team accomplished so much during their visit. They all assisted 2 Kenyan builders with the construction of the gate for Ark Quest Education Centre. The boys were involved with helping with the fencing at the farm. Sarah and Rachel taught classes at Ark Quest (primarily English & Math). They also covered a number of new textbooks for the school to help prevent damage. They sang worship songs at both church and the school assemblies and played lots of outdoor games with the children. During their time the team managed to visit homes in the village. They made a Kiwi dinner for the family and workers (hamburgers and chips) and also made deep fried chocolate for them. They assisted the cooks with food preparation and the workers with tasks e.g. milking the cows. Sarah also helped with the interviewing for a new Head Teacher and Deputy Teacher. She also wrote up clear job descriptions for them. It was a busy few weeks!


Their Impressions of Ark Quest Education Centre

  • Our team was absolutely astounded by the initiative that has taken place at Ark Quest. We loved seeing that the management team of the school is working hard to enable the school to run without financial assistance. The projects such as the dairy, greenhouses and farm are very exciting and we loved helping out.
  • We were also amazed at the intelligence of the children and with their outstanding attitude of working hard in school.
  • It was a shock to hear some of the stories of the kids that attend Ark Quest. The school is such a place of hope for them.
  • We were also surprised to hear about how little the teachers and workers in Kenya get paid considering how hard they work. It was inspiring to see the hospitality of the people and how they made the village seem like a second home for all of us. We all think the story behind Ark Quest is both incredible and inspiring and look forward to visiting again the future.

Our Hopes for the Future

  • That the children at Ark Quest will get to continue their education through to secondary school.
  • To see the projects such as the dairy make sufficient income for the school so that the teachers and workers can earn a higher salary
  • That there would be greater financial stability to enable more children to attend the school and for the school to be able to run without outside financial assistance.
  • For enough support to happen back in New Zealand to help Calvine get the projects to where they need to be to be self-sustaining.
  • That more people will have the opportunity to go over to Kenya and see the project first hand.

In Closing

As a trust, we are truly blessed to receive feedback and see the impact resulting from visits like this. Sarah and the team have been a huge blessing to Ark Quest Education Centre, yet there funding must continue for a while yet. Calvine is so blessed by our continued partnership with the school as they journey to become self-sustaining whilst providing education and ensuring the welfare of all the students who attend.

God bless you for your support!