Update May 2017

Ark Quest visit by staff and students from Milimani Academy.


Calvine reports that students at Ark Quest Academy continue to excel academically. The village farm and dairy project are progressing well with an increase in the herd as calves are born and feed being supplied from the farm.

Sam Johnson, an ex-student from Bethlehem College, has visited Ark Quest School to talk about his experiences with Mission Aviation Fellowship and  to see first-hand the work and progress of this school. His sister Hannah was involved in the original building of the school in 2011. This experience was a very positive one for Sam.

Sam Johnson visits Ark Quest School when working for MAF

Ark Quest Education Centre’s challenges are ongoing, particularly as the van is due to be re-insured. Please pray for current projects to prosper and wisdom for Calvine as he leads the project. We are grateful for your continued support and prayers.


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