October Update: Hannah’s Reflections… and Emily and Chris Johnston’s Good News!

Hannah’s Reflection

Hannah Johnston is an ex-pupil of Bethlehem College and was part of the team that was involved in the building of the first 9 classrooms at Ark Quest school in Jan 2011. She was in Year 13 at the time.

It has been 8 years since I last walked down the clay path to Ark Quest School. It is a real encouragement to see how far the school has come in a short space of time. Eight years ago, the new bare classrooms had just been established, no concrete on the floor, no windows as well as the surrounding area being a bare field. Now there are more buildings surrounded by gardens, a field for the children, crops and all fenced and gated. The chickens provide eggs which are then sold. The dairy shed is full of cows, supplying the school children with milk for chai (Kenyan tea), as well as milk which is sold in the local community. In the classrooms, every child has a table and chair, books and pens. There is now  a library with a small selection of books and 4 computers for the children to learn computer skills. What a transformation!

Although the school has progressed in many ways, some of the buildings are in need of reconstruction. The foundations have sunk considerably. The maintenance is now very costly, and a new permanent structure is needed. This is the next major project planned, God willing, for next year.

As much as this progress has impressed me, the children have impressed me even more. Ark Quest is a school that has a generation of children that are grounded in God’s word and are eager to learn. They are bright and inquisitive and will take any opportunity to ask questions and understand, knowing that education is the key. They are loving and kind to each other and open an welcoming strangers who come and visit.

The dairy shed is now at full capacity, so an extension of the dairy shed is happening next month. With a greater capacity for cows, there are more opportunities to create sustainable finances for the school.

The teachers and staff at Ark Quest are doing an outstanding job at leading, teaching and providing for the children.

The school has progressed over the years and continues to do so with the support and prayers of everyone involved. This is an exciting time for Ark Quest with the planning of more projects for the near future.

Emily and Chris Johnston’s Good News!

Chris and Emily Johnston (no relation to Hannah) will travel to Ark Quest School in mid November. They have been busy raising funds to extend the existing cowshed to allow for continuing expansion of the dairy herd. 

We have some good news to share! Emily and Chris have achieved their fundraising goal of $10 000 for their venture. They will have enough funds to build the cowshed, but will also be able to provide for much needed maintenance of equipment and vehicles. This is an awesome blessing for which we praise God.


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