2019 Updates

October Update: Our Recent Ark Quest Adventure!

Recently a team of eight visited Ark Quest Education Centre and participated in the beginning stages of the construction of the permanent classrooms.

Valuable time was spent with Calvine and his team, renewing relationships and gaining a deeper understanding of the challenges faced daily by the dedicated staff. We also had the opportunity to share with teaching staff and students, about life in New Zealand, and bring a greater cross-cultural understanding.

We were able to visit the homes of some students, who are in extreme poverty, living on less than $1 per day. Their houses are made of mud, and finance is often raised through sale of produce from the land they live on. They will walk to get water, and mostly have no electricity. They cook on an open fire within their living/sleeping area.

As some members of the team support the secondary education of past Ark Quest students, we visited 2 students in their high schools and were impressed by the high quality of their education.

Ark Quest Education Centre currently has approximately 130 students, who are fed twice daily. The school is excelling academically, and is ranked 3rd in the Vihiga County (approximately 400 schools).

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