Child Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsorship Please Note: The following students have now all received sponsorship thanks to our generous donors.

Sponsorship to Secondary School

Students who have qualified to go to Secondary School by gaining the necessary marks in the Kenya Primary Certificate of Education (KPCE) exam. These students require funding to attend Secondary School for the next 4 years. Without sponsorship they will be unable to go to Secondary School, or attain any future university qualifications.

The cost for this is $1600 per year (approx. $135 per month) which includes full board, uniform, and stationery costs.

Class 8

Sponsorship to Attend Ark Quest Education Centre

Students who continue to attend Ark Quest Education Centre, and are unable to pay their school fees due to extreme poverty.

The cost for this is $520 per year (or $10 per week).

Class 7

Class 6

Class 5

Class 4

Class 3



November Update: The Walls Go Up!

Building Progress:

We have been extremely impressed with the speed at which the building has progressed since the team left. The building process in Kenya is extremely labour intensive since they lack the modern building equipment that we all take for granted. The team’s gift of a commercial concrete mixer certainly improved the efficiency of the pouring of concrete for the ground floor.Prior to this purchase, the mixing of the concrete was done on the dirt ground using shovels. It is exciting to see the walls going up and the first three classrooms drawing closer to completion. 

Year 7 Maker Fair Donation

Special thanks to the Bethlehem College Year 7 classes (7LAM and 7RRM) who donated the proceeds from their Maker Fair fundraiser to Ark Quest Education Centre.The funds will be used for annual maintenance on the water pump. This will enable the students to continue to have access to the only safe drinking water in the community.

June Update: Sporting Success at Ark Quest!

Sporting Success: Ark Quest students have recently competed against neighbouring schools in a sports tournament. This was an exciting event for the students who participated enthusiastically in sports such as:, football, volleyball and handball. For the first time in the history of the school, they managed to produce the top scorer in soccer. Damlean Shawn Lumasai, was a star player throughout the competition. Ark Quest  has been selected along with a few other schools to contribute to a zonal team to participate in the sub-county competitions.

One of the aims of Ark Quest, is to improve their games department. The students are thrilled to be able to participate in a growing range of sports activities.

Visit from UK Supporter of Ark Quest: Sarah Jackson, will be in NZ from 4-7 August, and we are excited to be able to meet up with her. Sarah is a school teacher in the UK, who has visited Ark Quest several times, and has generated a great deal of support for the school. Sarah is hoping to establish a Trust in the UK and has growing support amongst colleagues and friends.

Congratulations to Laura: We wish to congratulate Laura (Calvine’s wife), who has recently gained her Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering!! What a great accomplishment.


Celebrate with us!

We are delighted to share Calvine and Laura’s good news on the birth of their son, Ebenezer. He was born January 11th, prematurely at 2.3kg (approximately 51/2lb). While there were initial concerns about around his health, at six weeks Ebenezer is now a flourishing 4.1kg.  We hope you enjoy the photographs.

It was a joy to view Emily and Chris Johnston on TVNZ The Project last week. This interview highlighted the work of their parents, Brian and Grace, and the ongoing impact this has had on Ark Quest Education Centre. You can view this fabulous footage if you click on the link below.

We are grateful for your ongoing support, which has enabled us to respond to a significant need. The water pump at Ark Quest, which provides fresh water for the school, and the wider community, is currently in need of repair. With your help, we have been able to assist in providing the funds to enable these urgent repairs to be made. THANK YOU!

Building a Legacy

Grace and Brian Johnston spent much of their life undertaking humanitarian relief work in Africa. Six years after their unexpected death, their children Chris and Emily have returned to Kenya to maintain and improve the school their parents built.

Posted by The Project NZ on Thursday, 21 February 2019