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November Update

Since our last update there has been quite a lot of activity at Ark Quest Education Centre. Teachers continue to implement the new Kenyan curriculum, which has brought both challenges and rewards. Thanks to the many people who responded to Emma’s challenge to raise money for textbooks, we were able to send more than $1000 with which Calvine purchased over 80 up-to-date texts. This went a long way towards enabling the staff to teach more effectively.

While here in New Zealand, the topic of conversation and concern continues to be Covid 19, we are happy to report that Mahanga Village, where the school is located, remains Covid free. What a blessing!

We are also happy to report that the damaged toilet block has almost been fully repaired thanks to a generous donor. Calvine continues to be grateful for the three permanent classrooms which are being fully utilised.

The Ark Quest graduates who have been sponsored to go on to secondary schools, are nearing the end of their year. They are all making pleasing progress. Many thanks to the generous sponsors who have enabled these students to continue their education beyond primary school. This is a privilege that they do not take lightly, as it is denied to many due to lack of funding. We have recently received correspondence from these students, which will be forwarded to their sponsors in the near future. It is encouraging to read about their success this year, and exciting ambitions for the future.

Calvine has indicated that there are at least 4 extremely able students who need sponsorship in order to go to high school next year. If this opportunity interests you, please contact us via email:

Wishing you all a very happy Christmas and a Covid free new year.

… and may all your traffic lights be green!