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August Update

Pastor Fred: Calvine and the family have recently been through a difficult time with the death of his father. Pastor Fred had served as the school chaplain since its inception. He provided the land that the school is built on. Much of his time has been spent in mentoring students and encouraging others in the community. Calvine says, “It is extremely difficult for many children to accept his departure to be with the Lord. We will fondly miss him here, his presence, smiles, prayers, memory verses, laughter, preaching, great songs and dances are forever engraved in our hearts.”

School News: Because of Covid 19, there were quite a number of changes on the academic calendar. This has meant quite a lot of disruption for the students. The Year 8 students have finally concluded their KCPE exams with very pleasing results. Ark Quest Education Centre had the top results in the Vihiga West region.

In Calvine’s recent report, he mentions, “One of the greatest challenge for Ark Quest is when the Lord blesses us with good performance for the candidates like this, what next for the candidates. They need to join various high schools. However, most of them can barely afford primary school. They have been either on full or partial scholarship through their entire stay here. We are now wondering how to support some great brains here through high school from this August. Kindly get in touch with the trust, if you wish to support a needy student in any way through their high school. Let’s continue to keep their dreams alive.

As the school has been required to implement the new competency-based curriculum, this has presented some challenges. There is a major need for new textbooks for teachers and students so they are able to keep up to date with this curriculum.

The students at Ark Quest are grateful for the new classrooms, particularly as recent rain has destroyed the school latrine, and caused significant damage to the older (mud) classrooms.

Baby Aziel: Calvine and Laura were blessed to announce the safe arrival of another son, Aziel, earlier this year. Aziel has brought the family great joy at a time when Pastor Fred was seriously ill.

As Covid continues to make life difficult for everybody, please pray for Calvine, Laura and the Ark Quest team as they continue to meet the needs of the students and families of Ark Quest Education Centre.