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April Update: Urgent

We would like to introduce Christine to you.  She is a Year 7 student at Ark Quest Education Centre. She lost her father early in her life and now lives with her grandmother, who can’t afford to raise school fees or even money for their basic needs. In spite of this, Christine is a strong girl who is determined to succeed at school, always achieves over 80%. Christine would love to be a doctor or a teacher someday. She is a great example of what Ark Quest is all about – shaping lives for a hopeful, bigger and better future.

The first term of the year was characterised by great success from the pupils. All classes have had their Term 1 exams, and their results are promising. We are looking forward to excellent performance in this year’s KCPE.

Urgent Need – Ark Quest School Van:

Because of his father’s ill health, Calvine has had significant medical expenses so far this year. As a result, he is struggling to cover the insurance and maintenance for the school van, which will both be due next month (May). He has asked for prayer – but we would be grateful for any extra financial assistance you would be able to give. The total cost for the van is: $1500 for insurance and transport license, $500 for speed governor and inspection certificate, and approximately $1300 for replacement of 4 tyres (Total $3300). The van performs an essential role in transporting students to and from school, and carting feed for the cows and supplies for the school.

The teachers have expressed their appreciation for the support given by the Ark Quest Trust, which has enabled the salaries to be paid on time. They have asked us to thank all our great supporters, for making this possible.