About us

Ark Quest Trust was established to provide support for the Ark Quest Education Centre in Kenya. Specifically:

To ensure teachers’ salaries are paid.

To provide textbooks and resources.

To provide sponsorship to enable students to continue to high school.

To provide financial support for community development projects.

Ark Quest Education Centre

In 2008, Calvine Ominde started a feeding programme for 8 children in his village. Within 3 years, this venture developed into a school. Currently, Ark Quest Education Centre provides education and two meals per day for over 100 students. It is a private Christian school and, though registered with the Kenyan Ministry of Education, receives no government funding. Many students cannot afford the fees and therefore funding is required for the operational expenses of the school.
At present 26 people are employed in a number of roles: teachers, guards, cooks, and agricultural and horticultural workers. Potential income-producing projects are in their early stages and are not yet generating income. It is often a struggle to pay salaries and maintain and further develop the school.

our team

Philip Russell

Phil has been teaching at Bethlehem College since 1993. For the past 13 years, he has been involved in overseas service trips, providing opportunities for students to serve in several different countries. He first met Dr Calvine Ominde (Director of Ark Quest Education Centre) in 2007. A student team visiting in 2010 was significantly involved in building the first 9 classrooms. Our vision is to assist the school to become self-sustaining within the next 5 years.

Jan Dean

Jan is widowed with 2 adult children and 6 grandchildren. She taught at Bethlehem College for 19 years, and visited Ark Quest Education Centre 3 times as a member of various missions teams. Dr Calvine Ominde’s vision, courage and selflessness are inspirational, and it is clear that the whole community benefits enormously from being involved in the educational, agricultural and horticultural projects that he has initiated. Ark Quest Trust has been established to ensure that Calvine’s work has the necessary financial support to continue its excellent work until it can become self-sustaining.

Lisa Higgins

Lisa is married with 2 school-aged children. She is a teacher at Bethlehem College. In 2015, Lisa and her family visited Ark Quest Education Centre for the first time. They were impressed by Calvine’s vision for the school and plans for the future, and by how much it has impacted the community already. Lisa is excited about the future of the Ark Quest Education Centre and the vision Calvine has to see it become self-sustaining in the near future.


Covering the cost of teachers’ salaries is our first priority. Ark Quest Education Centre is a private Christian school and is not supported by the Kenyan Government. The current situation is that many students are unable to pay their fees to cover the cost of teachers’ salaries. Maintaining high quality staff is essential to the on-going progress of the students.
We would love you to be kept informed about the progress at Ark Quest Education Centre. To receive updates please fill in the form below and tick the relevant boxes.
We would value your supporting us in prayer. Current prayer needs are:

  • Finances for ongoing teachers' salaries
  • The recruiting and retaining of suitable teaching staff
  • Continued exam success for the students at Ark Quest Education Centre
  • The health of Dr Calvine Ominde
  • Success in all horticultural and agricultural endeavours
  • Wisdom for all involved in this ministry

Thank you for considering supporting us financially. When you give financially to Ark Quest Trust, 100% of your donation will go directly to Ark Quest Education Centre to finance teachers' salaries and student sponsorship. As we would like to acknowledge any donations, please fill out the form below.
Funds can then be deposited using the account: ASB Bank 12-3633-0029261-00